Changes to 30% tax ruling accepted by Parliament

Picture of Cristian van Breemen

On 26 October, during the last day of parliament before Dutch general elections on 22 November, a majority of MPs voted in favour of a binding amendment to reduce the application of the 30% ruling as proposed by Pieter Omtzigt. As a result, the percentage of the gross salary that can be paid out net will still be 30% during the first 20 months. It will be further reduced to 20% during the second 20 months and to 10% during the last 20 months. There will be a transition period for people whose ruling was granted in the last period of 2023, but the full details are as yet unclear.

This amendment will come into effect per 1 January 2024 and comes on top of the €223,000 cap on the salary to which the ruling can be applied.

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