i-Mobility joins Eres Relocation

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Dear visitor,

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that as per January 2020, i-Mobility Relocation joined Eres Relocation.


eres was founded in 2007 by Elaine Hery and José Antonio de Ros, who have both been in the Mobility Industry since the early 90’s. Today, eres is a renowned and privately-owned Destination Services Provider (DSP) with 8 offices in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and now the Netherlands. The company embodies the clear ambition to offer high-quality immigration and relocation services all over Europe and is on its way to become the first European full-service DSP in the Industry. We share the same core values, the same love for our profession and the same leadership style. We are very proud to be the first Northern European country to join, adding our signature Dutch qualities to the mix!


On a personal level, this merger offers a challenge to further develop in my role, an opportunity to grow and learn more about our business in a larger context. It matches my strategy for growth of the Dutch business perfectly. For my team, the larger and more international context means opportunities to learn from colleagues in a different cultural setting and perhaps even an internship abroad! All this is invigorating to me. Yet, most of all I believe that by becoming part of this larger-scale provider and offering their state-of-the-art IT solution for the Mobility Industry in the Netherlands, we will be able to better serve our clients with exactly what is needed in these new times: a combination of our unchanged full attention with all the possibilities modern IT can add.

How does this impact you

Actually, it will be business as usual, as if nothing had changed. We are still your local DSP in The Netherlands and you will still be able to reach us via our phone numbers. Our current mail addresses will seamlessly be re-directed to the new ones. By the end of March 2020, we should have fully transitioned into the new identity and it’s our ambition to have the IT solution up and running as per July 2020!

New Decade

After 11 years as i-Mobility, we are now stepping into the future as Eres Relocation Netherlands and I invite you to join us on this very exciting new journey!


+31 23 73 70 102

I very much look forward to continuing our relationship with you under our new name and thank you for your continued trust! 

Happy New Year,


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