Immigration update: Increased requirements recognised sponsors and Intra-Corporate Transferees

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Our Dutch immigration team keeps a close eye on any changes to procedures, obligations for recognised sponsors and options for transferees. Below is a summary:

Administration requirement when hiring Highly Skilled Migrant at reduced salary

Employing a Highly Skilled Migrant at the reduced salary criterion of €2,801 is possible if the employee has graduated within the previous 3 years* or the employment starts within the validity period of the employee’s orientation year permit.

As part of the obligation to keep and retain records, the recognised sponsor is required to keep the following additional documents in file in case the Highly Skilled Migrant did not previously hold a Dutch residence permit for study, orientation year or research:

  • Copy of the diploma
  • Copy of the diploma’s credential evaluation from Nuffic
  • If the diploma is not an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree: Documents showing that the education institution ranked in the top 200 of at least 2 publishers recognised by the IND on the date of graduation or doctoral defence.
  • If the diploma was not obtained in a country where English is the national language, or the study was not in either English or Dutch: proof of the Highly Skilled Migrant’s English proficiency

* There are requirements as to the diploma and education institution.

Intra-corporate transferees required to stay outside of EU after maximum stay

As of 16 April 2024, intra-corporate transferees are required to stay outside the EU for a period of 6 months when they have reached the maximum duration of their stay, being:

  • 3 years for an employee who was a manager or specialist in the previous transfer
  • 1 year for an employee was who was a trainee in the previous transfer

Please note that a previous stay a in another EU country is included in the calculation of the maximum period.

Foreign Investor

Applying for a residence permit as a foreign investor is no longer possible.

Our immigration team are available for additional information on the above or other topics at or +31 (0)23 737 0102.

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