Mobility Talks

Welcome to the Netherlands!


We are pleased to inform you that on behalf of your employer, Eres Relocation will assist with your relocation to the Netherlands.

We offer assistance with area orientation, immigration, home finding, schooling and settling-in topics. Depending on your employer’s policy, we will offer you one or several of the above. Your direct contact person in our office, the International Mobility Coordinator (IMC), will inform you in detail about the assistance that you can expect from eres.

Today, we would like to get you started by showing you what life in the Netherlands could be like.

Danielle de Groot

When looking for things to do in your Dutch home town, please visit the local Tourist information or the App store and download the City App of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, The Hague and possibly other cities too. They will show you all local news and upcoming events, local markets, pop-up stores, music performances, tourist information and more: all you need to start getting to know your city and jump right in the local life.

A few general links that you will find useful too:


Thuisbezorgd for Indian, Greek, Italian and more food delivery at your doorstep. Bol (the Dutch Amazon) for online shopping, books, dvd, cd, household goods. GWK for currency exchange. 9292 to plan your travels with public transport and OV Chipcard for how to pay for them. Filmladder for movies in your local cinema.


For activities with children browse A very nice kids’ book “My new Home” about moving to another country with kids.

Health Care

Find your local GP, your local dentist, a chiro-practitioner in your area, information on midwives in the Netherlands, a vet in your neighbourhood Find your public hospital with, a private clinic with and health insurance information On the same topic, we offer you 2 of our Relocation Guides on insurances in NL: Dutch Health Insurance 2020 and Dutch Damage insurance 2020 for you to download.

Expat Communities

Internations, an expatriate community connecting global minds, offers the same type of connections. Meetup for activities in your neighbourhood locally. General information on expatriation in the Netherlands and

Having formally introduced ourselves, we look forward to assisting you and we wish you an enjoyable stay in the Netherlands! On behalf of all of our colleagues,


Cristian | Managing Partner Netherlands


Jochem Lindelauf

PS: We have been browsing the internet for several days and hours in search for eBooks and websites that offer information on Relocating to NL in the broadest sense: anything that a newcomer would need or want to know. Feel free to download this extensive pdf file of 17 pages A4, full of links on any topic that you can ever think of. I am sure that you will find it extremely helpful: Expat Useful links 2020 ERES

As you can imagine, it’s quite the task to keep it updated. May we ask you, in return, that you feed us with changes and additions?