Expatriation Policy

An Expatriation Policy which aligns the company´s interests with those of the employee is key to the success of the expatriation process. The company needs to find the solution that best suits its profile and characteristics and which will obtain the desired results.

At ERES, we help to identify the most convenient model advising on different options and market tendencies. We assist with the development of the components that make up the expatriation packages covering all aspects of the international assignment.

  • Expatriation policies: planning and design.
  • Benchmarking reports.
  • Costs of Living reports.
  • Tax compliance.
  • International Social Security.
  • Design and implementation of benefits and compensation programs.


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By joining Eres Relocation Services, one of the leading European Destination Service Providers, we are offering our clients a great new global mobility experience in Germany combined with the international know-how of eres.

This merger enables us to serve our clients with exactly what is needed today: a combination of our unchanged personal support with all the improvements modern IT and larger scale organizations can add.

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