Attention to detail.
An international assignment is a crucial moment in the professional and personal life of expatriates and their families. To us, each element of a relocation is important. We will handle every step with the greatest of care, giving your employee the peace of mind to focus on other business priorities.

Our Orientation Tour is about giving the expatriate an opportunity to visualize life in the new destination. It provides an in-depth perspective of the local residential areas, housing market, schools, cost of living, commute to work and other points of interest relative to the expatriate’s lifestyle.
Home finding
We want your employee to love his/her new home; we guide and assist in the search of a property that best suits his/her specific needs and budget. We customize an itinerary of property visits according to the individual’s criteria. We protect your employee’s best interests by negotiating the most favourable lease contract conditions, 100% of the time.
School finding
For those moving with children, finding the right school is a top priority. Together with your employee and family, we explore all the options, lay out the process and then narrow down the choices so that his/her child(ren) are enrolled in the school that is the best choice for them.
Temporary accommodation
While we are in the process of finding your employee’s permanent home we can help accommodate him/her in a short-term rental. This makes the home-finding process convenient and stress-free.
Tenancy management
Arranging appointments and repairs with technicians, plumbers, and electricians is difficult if you do not speak Spanish. Our Tenancy Management service takes care of this aspect of the property rental and assists with any difficulties that might arise.
Moving is a stress-inducing ordeal for most people. Eres coordinates the pick-up, delivery, and unpacking of household goods. We prepare several proposals and ensure that you have the most competitive value-for-money service.
We are in the best position to help your employee when the international assignment comes to an end. We negotiate the terms for the return of the security deposit and assist with cancellation of the lease and other contracts. We can also coordinate the cleaning and repairs in the property.
Advanced payments
Quick and hassle-free transfer of payments is increasingly necessary for cases with tight deadlines. By expediting payments on your behalf to local providers, we remove the risk of delays or breakdowns in the relocation timeline.
Additional relocation services
We think about the whole experience for the expatriate and offer comprehensive support services like helping a spouse in their job search or providing help with the lease or purchase of a vehicle. You only have to tell us what you need.
  • Orientation
  • Temporary accomodation
  • Departure
  • Home finding
  • Tenancy management
  • Advanced payments
  • School finding
  • Moving
  • Additional relocation services