Thank you SIRVA!

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We are delighted to announce that our team in eres Italy, led by Sabina Passerini, has been awarded the SIRVA Bright Beginnings award for their destination services provided to SIRVA clients´employees during 2019.

During the recent SIRVA virtual global summit Roman Bartos, SIRVA supply chain Director announced the award with the following words of appreciation :

Bright Beginnings Award for eres ITALY

Italy was a country where SIRVA had struggled with service delivery quality. ERES Italy was appointed as a new supplier as of April 1st, 2019. From the beginning, we could see the difference in the service delivery. ERES has managed to turn around SIRVA clients’ satisfaction in Italy which was reflected in their quality scores which exceeded the target for 2019. ERES has established a favorable working relationship with SIRVA’s internal stakeholders. ERES is always proactive, thinking upfront to prevent any possible issues. They provide alternative solutions in the instance that any issues arise. They also continuously share any relevant information to ensure SIRVA is up-to-date with local market requirements. For example, During the Italy sourcing event, ERES was able to provide a clear clarification of the new Italian law in terms of the invoice submission process  which needs to go through the Italian Treasury Department. ERES was extremely helpful and patiently explained the process and consequences in full detail, while being outside SIRVA’s network in Italy, helping us fully understand the process and sharing  the information with the SIRVA Finance Department. We are delighted to have ERES Italy in the SIRVA network and hope to continue and evolve the well-established partnership. 

Thank you for your partnership. 

Thank you very much SIRVA for this recognition of our efforts, your appreciation is especially motivating during this very difficult time and we look forward to strengthening our partnership in Italy and all of our countries as we progress from the bright beginning to an even brighter future as your preferred provider.

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