Welcome to our new colleague!

Cristian van Breemen

We would like to introduce Monika Voster to you.

Originally from Germany, Monika has spent quite a bit of time outside her home country, first studying in the UK and then living in Spain. Finally, in 1999, Monika settled in on Dutch life. She knows and has experienced first-hand how exciting and stressful moving abroad can be. 

With a background in hospitality and event management, Monika has always worked in an international environment. In the Netherlands, Monika supported the international employees of a multinational company and their families relocating to the Netherlands. With her friendly approach,  she made sure that all family members settled in happily and felt welcome. She also provided network opportunities for internationals to meet like-minded.   

Monika uses her personal experience every day to support, advise and guide transferees and their families to ensure a swift and soft landing in their new home country.   

Monika Voster

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